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Save time and expedite the assessment/review cycle with a variety of unique and customisable reporting solutions

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Our objective is to minimise your data handling by using advanced interactive, customisable Excel reporting outcomes for use with your administration and teaching staff with options for your classrooms

We will provide an individualised response to each inquiry

All of the outcomes listed here are only applicable to schools belonging to the Queensland Department of Education and Training

Consolidated Student Reporting

Consolidated Report image

Combine a variety of OneSchool data exports to create per student reports including assessments, attendance and behaviour records

Include PAT system exports, attendance per term or YTD and student NCCD info


Attendance Certificates

Consolidated Report image

Generate highly customisable student certificates using the Performance Dashboard attendance export

Includes charts for grades and attendance ranges

Optionally include student photos

Brand New!

Excel Attendance Reporting

Student Report Card image

Immediate attendance calculations in a number of unique Excel customisable reports and inquiry tools, review the impact of part-day absences + editable pivot-tables, per-day dashboard and student report card with intended audience options

New Feature: report attendance between any two weeks e.g. Year 06 per student for Term 1 - Weeks 6 to 10

Import the data daily to review and respond to truancy quickly

OneSchool is the only official source of attendance values


PM Reading Analysis

PM Analysis Image

An Excel solution offering a number of PM reading reportable outcomes including Year 03 NAPLAN reading U2B trendline analysis

this solution is free for any QED school inquiry


Excel Behaviour Reporting

Excel Behaviour Image

The student report card lists and charts attendance using occurrences of enforcement of compulsory attendance, positive behaviours and all incident types. A unique range of behaviour pivot-table reports for inquiry and report and chart generation


Reading Data Walls

Data Wall Image

Customise your classroom reading reports with student photos, benchmarked conditional formatting, improvement and targets

Create datawalls for whole class or split by year level

credit/pilot Balaclava SS 2017


Staff Leave Planner

Leave Planner Image

Review existing leave prior to approving new requests - create replacement staff records for leave requiring back-fills

Create a daily replacement staff list to control your back-fill replacements

credit/pilot Trinity Beach SS 2018


Customised Outcomes

No school is identical - we provide report templates and inquiry tools that you can customise for your unique requirements

Customised reporting outcomes are available by a quotation process

Assistance is available to up skill your staff, we have the experience to expedite your work processes, specialist skills in all Microsoft applications